A brief look on Pre Workout supplementation

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Workouts play an important role in any kind of fitness regime. Just like workouts, even pre workouts and post workouts are as important as main workout schedules. We might have heard of workout supplementations which are consumed so as to increase the strength and stamina of the body. In recent years, the new concept of pre workout supplementation has also come in vogue. However, it is still a new concept for many but slowly it has started gaining popularity.

The importance of pre workout supplementation is as relevant as the importance of workout supplementation. If taken in right dosages, pre workout supplementation can take your workout regimes to the new levels. Here we have listed few benefits of pre workouts supplementation, take a look:

  • It helps in increasing the metabolic rate which helps in burning fat during workouts.
  • By stimulating the protein synthesis in the body, pre workouts supplementation helps in decreasing the chances of muscle breakdown during training sessions.
  • It also helps in creating a optimal hormonal balance in the body.
  • By increasing the strength and stamina of the body, it helps in improving the performance during workouts
  • Pre workout supplementation can also improve the nutrient delivery in the body thereby improving the energy levels of the body and focus of the mind.

With so many benefits, a perfectly designed pre workouts and workouts supplementation can help in acquiring a well rounded approach which is quite helpful in achieving any kind of training goals. For those who are very particular about their fitness regimes and training sessions, pre workout supplementation is an important area of nutrition. Among the many pre workouts supplements, here we have listed few of them that are most essentially used and consumed. Take a look:

  • Whey Proteins: They are easy to digest and increase protein synthesis in the muscles thereby decreasing the chances of muscle breakdown. 
  • Glutamine: They not only provide energy to the muscles but also aids in muscle recovery.
  • BCAAs: Helps in gaining muscle mass and strength and reduces the chances of muscle breakdown
  • Nitric oxide: It helps in increasing the oxygen delivery to the muscles thereby increasing the pump rate. 
  • Thermogenics: They not only help in increasing the metabolism rate but also increases the body temperature of the body.
  • Creatine: Besides providing extra energy to the body, it also helps in quick recovery of muscles by decreasing the chances of muscle breakdown.
  • Caffeine: It not only helps in increasing the energy levels of body but also helps in increasing alertness and focus.